Sadly gone but always in our hearts...


Finlay was a very sweet and loving boy. He enjoyed his walks very much and used to enjoy running around me in circles as though he was still on the greyhoud track. I used to very much look forward to collecting him on a regular basis for him to join us on the walks. He was a pleasure to walk and very well behaved both on and off lead. He would put a smile on my face everytime I saw him.

Sadly he is no long with us; due to old age we lost Finlay on the 9th April 2015. He is missed very much by me and the other dogs on the walks. Although he is no longer with us we have lots of happy memories of all the fun times we had together.


Sadly gone but always in our hearts!


Oscar was a bundle of fun! On every walk he would insist on playing ball none stop. People did not believe how old he really was as he most definately did not act it. He loved interacting with all the other dogs and getting muddy whenever possible. He would always be at the door waiting for me to arrive so he could get out and have some fun.

Unfortunatly Oscar went down hill a couple of weeks before we lost him. In the end he was diagnosed with cancer and for his best interests he was put to rest on the 9th July. It was such as shock how quickly he went down hill but he didn't suffer for long. He had a wonderful life and is truly missed. Memories stick forever.


Sadly gone but always in our hearts!